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So when looking at the patch download file, i see that is en US.. so i ask, where can we change the location where launchers gets the file, cause it's wrong and when validating it will not work cause it's trying to install a version that is not correct..Misspelled utilizes the Hun Spell style, affix (prefix/suffix) compressed dictionaries.The appropriate dictionary, for your game client locale, will auto-load, or you can manually choose what dictionary to use from Misspelled's Interface/Addons options page.I'm attempting to localize the menus and configuration page.I use that a lot too for RP so I can spread out my text manually over a few posts, but Misspelled doesn't seem to take the Paste window into consideration for spell checking. Message: Interface\Add Ons\Misspelled\Misspelled.lua:222: attempt to index global 'WIM' (a nil value)Time: 08/30/17 Count: 1Stack: Interface\Add Ons\Misspelled\Misspelled.lua:222: attempt to index global 'WIM' (a nil value)(tail call): ?Interface\Add Ons\Misspelled\Misspelled.lua:222: in function `? '...edia-3.0\Callback Handler-1.0\Callback Handler-1.0.lua:147: in function [C]: ?Your friends and guild members are also automatically added, and shouldn't get flagged as misspelled words..Misspelled includes dictionaries for US-English, UK-English, French, German, Italian, Russian (experimental), and Spanish.

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Curse: Wow Interface: donations accepted to: 1Pv CJoe Ec3d8QKXh4GGt Zsb KJz MHmfdk Pc Change Log: Great job!Launching the game with just Ace3 & Misspelled didn't throw a LUA error.And launching the game with Ace3, Misspelled and WIM enabled didn't throw an error.Cover -- Contents -- About the Author -- Acknowledgments -- Introduction -- CHAPTER 1 Getting Started -- What Is Lua? -- Useful Programs, Tools, and Web Sites -- Web Sites -- In-Game Tools -- Programs -- IDEs -- CHAPTER 2 Lua Basics -- Using Lua -- Basics -- Variables and Data Types -- Data Types -- Dynamic Typing -- Expressions -- Arithmetic Operators -- Relational Operators -- Logical Operations -- Precedence -- Tables and Functions as Expressions -- Statements -- Function Calls -- Control Structures -- break -- return -- Assignments -- Local Variables -- Variable Arguments -- Lua Standard Libraries -- The Math Library -- String Library Basics -- The Table Library -- The Debug Library -- The Operating System Library -- Summary -- CHAPTER 3 Using the Wo W API to Create a 8220; Hello, World8221; Mod -- Running a 8220; Hello, World8221; in Wo W -- Our First Wo W Addon -- Folder Structure -- The TOC File Format -- Using the Wo W API -- Creating Slash Commands -- Persistence -- Extracting the Default UI -- Summary -- CHAPTER 4 Working with Game Events -- Using Frames as Event Listeners -- Creating Chatlink Tooltips -- Chat Frames and Their Script Handlers -- Item Links -- Using Tooltips -- On Event -- Event Handler Basics -- Event Handlers for Multiple Events -- Using On Update to Build a Timing Library -- The Scheduler -- The Unscheduler -- On Update and Performance -- Using the Timing Library for a DKP Mod -- Variables and Options -- Local Functions and Their Scope -- Starting Auctions -- Ending Auctions -- Placing Bids -- Creating Slash Commands -- Canceling Auctions -- Remote Control -- Hiding Chat Messages -- Summary -- CHAPTER 5 Using XML and Frames -- XML Basics -- XML Terminology -- Elements in World of Warcraft XML -- Validating and Debugging XML -- Validating XML in Sci TE -- Debugging XML -- Frame Basics -- Making It Visible -- Layers and Textures -- Movable Frames -- Inheritance -- The Frame Type Button -- Buttons in XML -- Using a Button Template -- Designing the Table Browser -- Simple Buttons -- Building a List Element -- Creating a Border -- Creating a Template for the Headers -- Using the Template -- A Short Overview of Our XML -- Creating a Template for the Entries -- Creating the Buttons -- Sorting the List -- Selecting Elements in the List -- Scroll Frames for Lists -- More Buttons and Static Popup Dialogs -- More Buttons -- Static Popup Dialogs -- More Frame Types -- Another Normal Frame -- Edit Boxes -- Sliders -- Check Buttons -- OK and Cancel Buttons -- An Overview of the Whole XML File -- Summary -- CHAPTER 6 Advanced Lua -- More About Functions -- Static Scoping -- Closures -- Recursion, Part 1: Tail Calls -- Recursion, Part 2: Recursive Table Functions -- Hooking -- More About the Generic for Loop -- Using Tables to Build Data Structures -- Arrays -- Stacks -- Doubly Linked Lists -- Graphs -- Metatables and Metamethods -- Overloading Operators -- Available Metamethods -- T.

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Ok the problem is the next, while patching i can't do it cause the launcher goes on an internal error..[string "safecall Dispatcher[1]"]:13: in function `? '...que\Libs\Callback Handler-1.0\Callback Handler-1.0-6.lua:90: in function `Fire'Elv UI\Libraries\Ace Event-3.0\Ace Event-3.0-3.lua:120: in function 1x Misspelled\Word Dict.lua:1165: script ran too long Misspelled\Word Dict.lua:1165: in function `Phonetic Code'Misspelled\Misspelled-r70.lua:1133: in function `Load Guild And Friend Roster'Misspelled\Misspelled-r70.lua:217: in function `?

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