Who is stacey london dating

05-Jul-2017 02:11

' In two minds: The frosty debate between the two was avidly followed by viewers at home, who largely sided with Stacey, yet some were quick to point out how 'hypocritical' it was of her to filter her own Instagram posts Heated: The former X Factor star, 28, was of the firm belief that Photoshopping pictures sets unrealistic standards for youngsters, while Lizzie, 47, argued there was no harm in using a filter or altering images to boost your own self-esteem During the segment, Stacey said she was worried about young people being influence by photoshopping in the media.

She said: 'They see all these influencers or celebrities and they say, "Why don't I look like that? However, others pointed out that Stacey is seemingly no stranger to using filters on her own social media posts.

That apartment was sold in 2004, before he met Landon Cameras followed as he and show partner Harriet Bulwer-Long traversed on camel back to Timbuktu, found his way out of Newfoundland, and borrowed money off old school friends in New York where his father conveniently had an apartment on Fifth Avenue.

I never believed in soul mates but thanks to Smooch it has happened for me.

After I spotted David's profile on the site, I decided to get in contact.

But Landon doesn't just have friends on reality shows already.Explaining her side of the story, Lizzie told Mail Online: 'My point was that everyone wants to look their best and want their best angle if you are honest. hmmmm'One person posted, 'Go @lizziecundy lovely to watch you this morning very valid honest points #girlpower', while another enthused, 'Two beautiful ladies, both with gorgeous hair and smiles x A third viewer hit out at the former WAG, writing, 'Stop talking s***e and realise photoshoppings fine for you, but we have to change kids perceptions. There were plenty of posts in support of Stacey, with one fan enthusing, ''Nothing beats real.. Another wrote: '@Stacey Solomon is full of it hypocrite 2 d max bout social media it's like smokin then tellin kids neva smoke #ppl in glasshouses hypocrite (sic)'.Mail Online has contacted Stacey's representatives for comment.With picks from Asos, Very and Boohoo you're spoilt for choice!

Explaining her side of the story, Lizzie told Mail Online: 'It did became very heated on set as the argument built up.'My point was that everyone wants to look their best and want their best angle if you are honest. hmmmm.'It became quite tense and that's why I tried to bring some humour into the debate!Lke Shep, she has an ex-husband with plenty of experience himself, and she no doubt knew more than most what she would be getting into by joining the Bravo hit.