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The lichen survived exposure to the vacuum of space as well as the glaring ultraviolet radiation of the Sun. Organisms have been found living happily in scalding water with temperatures as high as 235 degrees F. More than 50 heat-loving microorganisms, or hyperthermophiles, have been found thriving at very high temperatures in such locations as hot springs in WyomingÕs Yellowstone National Park and on the walls of deep-sea hydrothermal vents. Because the distances involved are so vast, interstellar travel to another star within a practical timescale would require, among other things, the ability the move a vehicle at or near the speed of light.

Some of these species multiply best at 221 degrees F, and can reproduce at up to 235 degrees F. This is beyond the reach of today's spacecraft -- regardless of funding. All of the gas giant planets in our solar system (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune) have rings. Saturn's rings are the most pronounced and visible, but they aren't the only ones. In the "Star Wars" films, the Imperial TIE Fighters are propelled by ion engines (TIE stands for Twin Ion Engine). If this were true, the moon would float away from the Earth, and our entire solar system would drift apart.

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