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16-Jan-2018 10:35

However, some countries may refuse entry to persons with less than six months validity on their passports beyond the period of intended stay.

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C) The Government of the United Kingdom also issue passports to British nationals who are not British citizens with the right of abode in the United Kingdom and who are also not otherwise citizens of the European Union.

The only characters used are A–Z, 0–9 and the filler character The ICAO document 9303 part 3 describes specifications common to all Machine Readable Travel Documents.

The dimensions of the effective reading zone (ERZ) is standardized at 17.0 mm (0.67 in) in height with a margin of 3 mm at the document edges and 3.2 mm at the edge against the visual readable part.

Chinese and Korean names might pose a challenge too, since the family name is normally written first.

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A) Includes Crown dependencies, British Overseas Territories, and former British plantations, crown colonies, colonies, protectorates, protected states, mandates, trust territories and other British possessions.The machine-readable zone of a Type 3 travel document spans two lines, and each line is 44 characters long.