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wish they'd do a favour to the mobile industry and help someone design a nice looking phone.– by spaccacall me cheap, but after i shelled out a grand and a half for my gl2 with a better lens and better microphone than any webcam is likely to have in the next few years, i don't feel like spending the -0 on one of these things.the pyro 1394 webcam grabbed the top spot best overall value at 9. i'm not sure on how the others are at integration with osx. the problem with this though, is that they end up cannibalizing their 3rd party software makers to a certain is always good at breaking into a market with tremendous products. nintendo has the same problem — they make such great software for their own system that few other companies really stand a chance at competing.The technology and the failure of police forces to tackle the global problem has meant that slave masters are operating with “near impunity” in one of the most lucrative forms of criminal activity, said Rob Wainwright, the director of European police agency Europol.

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with some cheap pc firewire cards at about .00, it is unlikely that dv camcorder would drop firewire.

Traffickers often buy their travel tickets using stolen or hacked credit card data to hide the identities of the people behind the trade.

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