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11-Sep-2017 04:37

He welcomes your moodiness, and when he keeps forgetting to put down the toilet seat, he tolerates your talking to him like he's one of your kids.

The first time he witnesses one of your fiery rants, he stares wide-eyed and says, "God, I love you." As much as you try to find something wrong with him, he continually comes out on top (or makes you laugh so hard you forgot what you're mad about).

He practically has to kick you out of his studio apartment and remind you that you have kids waiting at home.

Of course, artists have limited cash flow, but since you work two jobs, you're happy to pick up the tab when you go out to dinner, telling yourself the adult conversation is totally worth it.

By now you've been divorced a few solid years and your tolerance for inadequacy is at a record low.

At per hour minimum, a dude has to be sitter-worthy at this point.

He prefers collared shirts and sport coats to ripped jeans and T-shirts, and he tells everyone he knows that you're the love of his life.

He makes your son as big a priority as his own, and like you and your ex, he gets along great with his.

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A dozen identical pairs are lined up by the front door of his "minimalist" bachelor pad.He probably majored in Physical Education, and he gets by doing small-scale art projects for local coffeehouses.

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