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We wish the state would spend more time properly funding schools - every school - than cutting funds from the neediest students.What they are proposing to do makes no sense, legally or morally." The Chester Upland school board's president, Anthony Johnson, said relief from charter school bills would be welcome.The cost to school districts for reimbursing charter school operators has been linked to budget woes in Chester Upland, Philadelphia, and other poverty-plagued districts.Philadelphia officials have raised the issue of tying special education costs to the individual student's actual need rather than the same price for every child.It was unclear what authority the judge has to order the state to increase funding."His authority is to either approve or disapprove" the plan submitted by the state-appointed receiver but he is not authorized to create his own plan, said Michael Churchill, an attorney with the Public Interest Law Center.Charter-school advocates had already been sharply critical of the first-term Democratic governor, claiming that his budget proposal, which seeks to slash reimbursements for cyber charter schools statewide, and calls for audits and elimination of fund balances at charter schools, is a thinly veiled attempt to strangle school choice.The Pennsylvania Coalition on Public Charter Schools has called Wolf's proposals "a blatant first step in killing charter-school options at the expense of children." Tim Eller, executive director of the Keystone Alliance for Public Charter Schools in Harrisburg, said the latest Chester Upland recovery plan appears to be "a backdoor approach to what has been tried in the General Assembly and failed." The push to curb charter-school reimbursements in Chester Upland is the cornerstone of a broader plan to reduce the district's long-term deficits through auditing, the appointment of a financial turnaround specialist who would negotiate new deals with creditors, and intensive fiscal monitoring of future spending.

Mark Nicastre, a spokesman for Wolf, said state officials "are pleased that the court has ordered a significant reduction in the special education charter rate." Chester Upland receiver Francis V. The Wolf administration on Tuesday urged a Delaware County Court judge to drastically cut how much the financially troubled Chester Upland School District pays charter schools for special-education students and online learning. Wolf said the district's survival could hinge on winning court approval for the cuts in charter reimbursements, which would total an estimated .7 million in the 2015-16 school year."This needs to end," Wolf said, referring to Chester Upland's 25-year history of financial crises, which have led to millions of dollars in emergency state aid, massive layoffs, and a plunge in enrollment in traditional public schools.Wolf and the eventual consent of the charter schools, reduces tuition from ,000 to ,028 per special-education student.

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The district spends million to educate nearly 4,000 charter-school students. Wolf and his education officials hope Judge Chad F.