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I usually end up kicking them out after I cum as I like to sleep alone but if they have agreed to LT and then want to go after ST I give them less money!!!

You do occasionally get girls that are not P4P in there and GPub, I have one at the moment, she works in jewellery.

Spanish photojournalist Omar Havana spent seven months from October 2010 to April 2011 getting to know the people at the dump and documenting their lives.

He says what he saw was was "from another world", but that the people are happy.

however, they can only blame the sleazy overpayers if the girls expect crazy prices now and they're a lot more mercenary and materialistic than in the past. Bars are having a hard time finding girls, consequently they're older, fatter, & uglier. IMO, punters have it good in PP because the number of active prostitutes is not linearly correlated to the cost of living, it's asynchronous and often it's not following supply and demand.

there's too much money going on in PP, i heard in some upscale massages they will even ask you 30 bucks for a handjob, non negotiable ! snooky and PP can be a decent add-on to thailand if you're a tourist but for anything else you must live here and know the good places and the real prices. IMO, punters have it good in PPI don't think any of you guys have been to Thailand lately. even in the past most of the girls came from Isaan and only in part from the rest of the country.

The prices of the girls will partly depend on which category above they are [email protected] steu fully agree.

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I usually pay - for short time and - for long time when I take them.Some ask for 40 $ ST (who pays that) and more, and the majority of them are not interessted in LT at all?!Many of them are very cunning in the room, they wont keep the agreement!Cambodia Expats Online: Forum | News | Information | Blog Cambodia's Most Popular Expat Community Forums: Breaking News | Blogs | Nightlife | Khmer Culture | Information | Living, Working & Moving to Cambodia Skip to content What do you think about the freelancers in Pontoon?

What are your recent experiences and what would you pay?

Where are the places to meet the better ones, or lets say the ones which are more into some sort of longer 'relationships'? They are also tricky and in a way complicated and can cost a lot of money. From where do all the guys i see in Phnom Penh get their girlfriends. so if Pontoon is for the tourists as some members in this forum say, which I would agree (also sometimes, especially on a weekend you can get lucky in Pontoon and meet a less professional girl). they're not all gold diggers but most of them are indeed just after the money, some are low maintenance and some are not.