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After an hour at the table, Kevin was still lingering over the dinner menu. I could at least be civil to the man."So Kevin," I began, beaming a friendly smile— was a bit of a stretch, but I was already grasping at straws. " I questioned lightly and tapped the top of the menu with two fingers. The pup could pull off just enough urgency to get me out of this discomfort scotch-free. He had a date with Jenny tonight, which meant there was no way he was going to answer his phone. Option two: he was using the menu as a Donna blockade. I was well aware that I could be an intimidating person. And considering the fact that every time I tried to peer around the paper fence, Kevin would hunch and give a weird twitch, I'd say he was scared… It almost made me chuckle, but I restrained myself. I cleared my throat and tried another approach."Kevin? If I could get Mike to call, his voice would carry true and sincere, which was absolutely perfect to play the little brother calling big sis with some mediocre family emergency. Our favorite assistant deserves some dating time of her own... RANDOM SUITS FACT OF THE DAY: For your amusement—scroll down if you want to skip.** Fact that we already know, but it's totally worth restating: Gabriel Macht and Sarah Rafferty have been friends for the past 20 years, and their daughters are best friends—Awwwwww : D. None of them are prepared ahead of time, only the ideas—right now I am sticking pretty tightly to a week to week and a half updating schedule (it's kicking my butt lol). I really liked the idea, but wasn't sure how it would come out. I did kind of jump off the deep end so I apologize to my more "realistic" readers. Unfortunately, I find myself continually counting the failed attempts until that day comes. It had started off typical: online-setup, meet at the restaurant, sit down… I did hear him thank the hostess, but after that—nothing. I sighed, rolling my eyes."You know," I stated bluntly, "the whole point of a date is to get to know each other… Movement out of the corner of my eye caught my attention as I waited for a reply. 5 Chapter Fic: Donna x Harvey friendship-ish thing. A/N : Decided to put it at the top this time (it's the only one I promise—feel free to skip). Happy Reading—HVtakes a little more finesse and a lot more trying. That is, there's hope that one will eventually work out. Haven't quite gotten to the last name yet, and not sure if I will. The entire menu stiffened under my fingers, the material wavering slightly. My fingers were already flying across the keys in a well-texted SOS, when I realized something. I slumped back in my chair and my eyes met the ceiling.No wonder the Harvey/Donna awesomeness is awesome, it's real ;)Just a reminder, the chapters are not in chronological order, or any kind of order for that manner. I would also like to personally apologize to Harvey and Donna -_-UTHANK YOU FOR ALL OF THE REVIEWS FROM THE LAST TWO CHAPTERS! Reviews are the Red Bulls to my Mike, so keep them up please! It came to an abrupt halt after that, and I probably should have seen it coming. Normally that would involve ." The last word was exaggerated and sharp, but it did its job. " The stuttered question brought me away from the thought."I'm an assistant," I started, "at a law firm," I finished. Ok then, no more ."Excuse me," he pardoned in quiet haste towards the restroom. Kevin was returning to the table, and I thanked whatever force was causing him to take his dear time getting there as I sent one last text.These online things tended to be too good to be true. From looks alone I could tell at least two of those were true. I watched in concealed awe as the menu was slowly lowered to reveal the face of the complete stranger sitting across from me. There was no point in going into details, though Kevin apparently did not need them."You work with l-l-lawyers? My jaw nearly dropped as I gazed stupidly at the leather of the vacant chair. I hid the phone in my lap as Kevin reclaimed his seat.

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