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(December 6, 2014) Married her boyfriend of 3 years A. Trauth at the Four Seasons Biltmore in Santa Barbara, California following an 11-month-long engagement.The two were wed in an intimate ceremony surrounded by family and friends.I’m going to have to stay at the Mikaelson compound.” [] Did last week help her sort through her complicated feelings for Klaus at all? [] You mentioned that she’s at the compound for the holidays. But luckily for her, as of now, she’s more a part of a family than dead. Are you at all worried that she’s the “friend” who will betray the Mikaelsons in the prophecy? I think the more she feels, the more complicated it gets. Does she feel like she’s part of the Mikaelson clan at this point? Once you get into their orbit, you either die or become part of the family. I totally trust the writers, and if that happened to be Cami, I’m sure it will end up being this epic crazy twist. That’s another option, but the big bad, that’s way less job security than the therapist. So this week, it seems like Cami is helping Kinney? She’s been compelled to forget an answer she’d been searching for. Trauth may not be as recognizable without his classic flippy hair, but the actor has been working steadily for years.He's had small guest roles on shows like House, CSI, and Bones and even had a recurring role on the 2006 show Pepper Dennis. Are we finally at the place as a society where we can admit an unsolicited dick pick isn't something we should just roll our eyes at...it's actually inexcusable predatory behavior that needs to be called out and stopped forever?

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They saw my butt so many times no one even cared anymore.

I think that the dark side of Cami has always been a struggle for her and I think it will continue being a struggle for her.