Invalidating package updating garmin nuvi 1350t

03-Jan-2018 22:14

Deleting cached files ins this manner is appropraite for web sites that are not likely to receive simultaneous requests for the same page. This can be used to flush particular resources without invalidating other parts of the cache, like JSON data that is dynamically created and requires regular flushing independent of the cache (e.g.representing data that is obtained from a third-party system to display news, stock tickers, etc.).The log includes messages indicating requests coming from your publish server, similar to the following example: To invalidate (or flush) the Dispatcher cache without activating a page, you can issue an HTTP request to the dispatcher.For example, you can create an AEM application that enables administrators or other applications to flush the cache.

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You can control this by controlling who changes objects in the database, or splitting the development into multiple schemas so that one section does not cause another's objects to become invalid.

Under certain circumstances performance gains can be made by transferring cache management from the authoring environment to a publishing instance.