How to delete local file without updating onedrive

16-Jan-2018 10:45

how to delete local file without updating onedrive-34

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Now you just need to remove One Drive from File Explorer.To do so, you'll need to manipulate the Registry a bit.In a browser, navigate to your One Drive for Business location. Click on "Return to classic One Drive" in the lower left-hand corner.When the older UI reloads, the URL now in the browser address bar is the correct one to use with the Cloud Connector.Fill out the settings for a One Drive connection, which is actually just a type of Share Point Online connection.

(If you are using a non-default location and need help getting the URL to use, see the "Getting the Correct URL for One Drive Locations" section of the One Drive solution page.) Select the Target node, which is the second one.

By default, Integrated Authentication is used to access the file location.

You can also give an account to use with the notation: User=My Domain\my User; Password=my Password; Verify the connection works by clicking the Verify Connection String blue link, as well as clicking Preview Data in the right-hand menu to see the first 10 objects in the location given.

Restricted file names, characters, and other issues are listed here This walk-through will be setting up a uni-directional sync from the specified file share location to One Drive for Business.

It can be changed to bi-directional later, if you want to sync contents in both locations to each other.

It's also heavily integrated into Windows 10, including the new File Explorer, in an effort to make utilizing One Drive easier for you.