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Probably the most valueable pieces among these millions of black crackle Zippo lighters produced from 1942 to 1945 are those made "in memory of Ernie Pyle". Blaisdell learned about his friends' dead on April 18, 1945 in the South Pacific he immediately send about 600 specially engraved Zippo lighters to the Captain of the U. In late 1946 the flint wheel having 70 horizontal teeth was replaced by the newly invented criss-cross style flint wheel now having 48 teeth only. Blaisdell found out in early 1946 that the quality of the flint wheel was not as good as he has been led to believe.

So he spent about US 0.000 in order to get the problem solved & to match quality standards - the base of his business & the now famous promise to customers:"If a Zippo ever fails to work - we'll fix it free!

It took 10 years to reach the milestone of 1.000.000 produced Zippo lighters in 1942.

At this time it was common to have cartoon like or comic strip style ads. Blaisdell hired famous US cartoonists like Frank Beaven, Otto Soglow & artists like John Lopker to design ads for his Zippo lighter.A pasted label was attached to the cardboard box saying ZIPPO POST WAR LIGHTER until late 1945 / early 1946.