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22-Aug-2017 10:07

Before the late Qing dynasty and early republic period porcelain from the Middle Kingdom had basically no factory and few manufacturer's marks.

(These are not kiln marks.)However, there was a multitude of different mark types in use by private kilns, different either in style or content.

Sometimes even items from the same kiln and period may have different marks. the original maker cannot be identified by antique china marks, marked or not.

Only towards the end of the empire (1911) and during the republic period appeared increasingly more manufacturers', studio and factory marks on Chinese ceramics. In this view Chinese porcelain is different from European and later Japanese porcelain.

Between 18 the company marked their export china with ‘Nippon’ in western characters.

These Nippon marks can date pieces to the 1890 to 1921 period, before the Mc Kinley Tariff act demanded ‘Japan’ was used.

After the first World War all Noritake production was marked ‘Japan’ or ‘Made in Japan’ to comply with the Mc Kinley Tariff Act, and Nippon was only very rarely used after 1921.

The use of Nippon can sometimes cause confusion as some pieces bear marks that state simply ‘Oriental China, Nippon’ around a rising sun.

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Scroll through as we present a few examples of antique china by Noritake, showing the range of decoration used, the forms and the associated Noritake China marks on the piece.

Japanese porcelain has almost always been good quality and has almost always been collected But Noritake is probably the lesser cousin to the more desireable Kakiemon, Satsuma, Kutani and Imari porcelain wares.

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