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The 2.0 version released in 2001 allowed non-AOL subscribers to use the messenger and also included the use of private chat rooms that users could invite one another to participate in. launched its own instant messenger in 1998, and from its inception, Yahoo! The newest wave of chat room utilities combines videoconferencing with chat rooms.Messenger users could access chat rooms on a variety of topics for Yahoo! Known as voice chat, these programs allow users to chat, view a common slide show or application, and also hear one another's voices.The program was called MUD, or Multi-User Dungeon, in homage of the dice-based gaming system known as Dungeons and Dragons.Trubshaw's first MUD slowly spread outside his network of friends and acquaintances, inspiring others to create their own versions of the program.Another voice chat utility called Paltalk was launched in 1998 through a New York-based company known as AVM.Paltalk has been released in several versions since and has grown to boast over four million users. You may also purchase ( minimum) a specific gift card via email delivery.

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The original design was meant to support bulletin board functions that allowed people to discuss software, news and other issues online.

Net Meeting from Microsoft was the first voice chat program released.

Its first debut occurred in 1997, when it was released with Internet Explorer 4.

By 1994, there were more than 400 MUDs on the Internet, and their topics spread from gaming to general conversation to MUDs formed by groups and associations to discuss common interests.

MUDs were relegated largely to those who were computer-savvy and served as the first online chat rooms.

The original IRC chat room platform featured only one server and one network.

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