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24-Aug-2017 13:04

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Abu Mustafa, 34, a maths teacher, said he had no specific reasons to get married again, but said he did wish to give “dignity” to a widow. Women stay alive,” says the site’s founder, Hashem Sheikha.

His wife’s first husband died during the conflict between Hamas and Israel in 2012. “This is why my project supports polygamy.” Sheikha, a Palestinian born in Saudi Arabia, says the site has led to 160 weddings since it started in March.

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“I am the one who will get married, not my family or the society.” In some cases, Wesal’s founder acts something like a traditional khattaba.

“Polygamy has hit high rates in Gaza over the few past years, seemingly due to an increase in people’s religious inclination, especially after Hamas took power in 2007,” says Seyam, referring to the militant group that rules over Gaza.

Marriage rates overall have been on the decline in Gaza, and divorce is on the rise because of high poverty and unemployment rates, says the head of the Supreme Sharia Judicial Council in Gaza, Sheikh Hassan al-Jojo.

Some 1,400 men have been killed in the three wars with Israel since 2008, leaving many widows who would like to remarry.

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Tradition, however, can make it difficult for them to wed single men.Through Wesal, she and her fiancé met in less than 24 hours.

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