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Made for a couple million dollars, made back its small budget and then some by netting around million at the box office in February of 1981; but it wasn’t the kind of money Paramount was hoping for. Of course,, but even that film has to date not spawned a follow-up.And it’s a damn shame, because the so-called miner is a bona fide horror icon who seemed tailor made for a long-running franchise; if not in the 1980s, then at least in the present day.And at its best, Isn't Anything hints at how great it will be when their sonic discoveries are finally honed.

Dunning explained: Some guy at Lionsgate decided the remake should be a “date movie.” Now, we didn’t even understand what a date movie is. The damn thing that bothered me about the remake is that everyone is running around being killed with an axe. In the sequel, the girl that survived (Lori Hallier) married the boy survivor (Paul Kelman) and she became the town’s Chief of Police. They would have been the two main characters that maintained the action.

" /Pickaxe murder; murder by power tool; deadly cave-ins; disembodied organs are seen; drinking games are played with knives; a shriveled and burned body tumbles out of a clothes dryer; murder by boiling water; by impalement with shower unit; hanging; mutilation, where a trapped man rips/bites/cuts off his own arm; cannibalism; more murders, all quite graphic. Some female undressing as a woman meets a man for an assignation and is killed (the mingling of sexuality and violence in the entire film is quite strong); some male bare-chested showering.