Backdating scorecard

07-Jan-2018 18:03

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A series of multivariate show that measures we expect to be related to the effect of the scandal on the value of firms’ reputational capital and information risk are significantly related to changes in shareholders’ wealth.

Conversely, variables one would expect to be related to the magnitude of direct out-of-pocket expenses, namely the number of past grants and/or their value, are not significantly related or are positively related to shareholders’ wealth effects, inconsistent with the direct cost hypothesis.

For the first news event (typically the announcement of an internal investigation by the firm), we find a statistically significant excess return of about -4.50% in the -20 to -2 window and -2.40% in the -1 to 1 window.

The magnitude of the implied wealth changes seems too large to be attributed to any reasonable estimate of direct out-of-pocket costs of the backdating scandal or to the resulting legal penalties disclosed to date (direct cost hypothesis).

And even though it has only been a few months since a new Chairman took office, already there are tangible signs that the SEC has taken a more aggressive enforcement posture. The Backdrop The events of 2008 led directly to the current enforcement agenda.

In this alert, we review the changes the new SEC leadership has instituted and is considering, the observable impact of the new administration on enforcement activity and significant cases in key areas that reflect the agency’s evolving enforcement program. The collapse of the subprime mortgage market, the ensuing credit crisis, the demise of several major investment banks and, perhaps most of all, the Madoff case led to a loss of confidence in the agency’s ability to protect investors.

We find that a firm is more likely to begin backdating option grants if the firm has a director who is a board member of another firm that previously backdated its stock options.

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We independently identify 764 firm specific backdating-related news events taking place on 580 separate firm-dates.

However, it is unclear whether these penalties extend to poor monitoring of executive pay. However, no study has empirically examined this question.