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18-Jan-2018 12:37

They think of solutions quickly and will do anything to save the plane or your relationship from plummeting to the ground. They’re hardworking It takes a lot of work and dedication to become a pilot and to flying planes in general.It takes even more work to be present in a relationship while flying planes all day. They care about people It’s no question that pilots care about their passengers. We can be complicated, and sometimes being friends with us takes a little more work than “normal”. In fact, some are even near poverty level, especially in the early stages of their careers. But first, I have to let you in on a few “insider” secrets. While a good number of pilots make a decent living, the majority are nowhere near rolling in it.There are so many licenses and certifications that pilots need before they can even begin to work for an airline.

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Dating someone who is all of the above and more, plus he knows how to fly an airplane.So if we don’t answer the phone or your texts right away, it usually means we are wrangling up kids or trying to concoct something edible or attempting to take a shower while we have 5 minutes by ourselves. It works like this: pilots have seniority based on their hire date. Because in our chaotic world, nothing is better than knowing that there’s stability out there somewhere.

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