Accommodating spelling

10-Dec-2017 02:28

The sound of a word will often give an idea of whether a single letter or a double is required, but it is quite possible for two words to sound alike and yet for one to be spelt with a single consonant and one with a double.

Why is there only one ‘b’ in habit but two in rabbit?

A committee should have as many members as possible (double ‘c’ and double ‘t’).

This information may come from thinking about the spellings of other words within the same word family: for example, if you can think of perennial and millennium as being members of the same word family as annual (they are all derived from a Latin word meaning ‘year’), you can be confident that these words will be spelt with a double ‘n’.In this post, he looks at the anomaly of double consonants in certain English words.The presence of doubled consonants in certain words can present a great challenge for students attempting to get to grips with English spelling.What useful phrases have you taught to your students to help them remember tricky spellings?

Below you can find the suggested words which we believe are the correct spellings for what you were searching for.

I've NEVER seen it spelled hiccough and even found a couple examples from the BBC website of the hiccup spelling.